About Us


Education That Inspires.

Join us at your local school for an unforgettable half-term! Our holiday camps are the perfect place for children to have fun, get creative and absorb our knowledge of all things football, tech and art. 

Education has never been so fun. Three Epic adventures await beyond the school gates!


Epic Holiday Camps started as a technology company looking to help further STEM education amongst children in an era where it was not as accessible. Previously known as Next Thing Education, we had a desire to inspire the future generation through technology. From coding to robotics to engineering. Our mission was to make sure all children had equal opportunities in education. 

Epic Camps | Children's Holiday Camps That Inspire

Parents relied on us to deliver an epic education every school holiday, half-term, and after-school. After years of success and popularity, we wanted to expand our offering to parents through incorporating different activities other than technology. 

We’re excited to now offer children three unique adventures, including technology, crafting and sports. We give children the opportunity to unleash their imagination and develop some Epic skills. 

Epic Camps | Children's Holiday Camps That Inspire

As an Ofsted Registered Childcare provider, we are committed to following and promoting welfare at our camps following all safeguarding procedures and regulations closely. 

Our Staff

We only hire the best staff to take care of your children. Parents trust us to deliver exceptional stimulating education with highly qualified teachers with DBS checks with a passion for technology, arts and sport.

Fun Childcare

Every holiday season we aim to change up activities so your child will always have the opportunity to develop brand new skills each day! With three different camps, there’s an adventure for everyone.


Providing and maintaining a safe environment for children is our number one priority. Our camps run camps with fully trained staff and sites that have been approved for health & safety so you can ensure your child will be safe in the holiday season.

Shaping The Future.

We are not just a childcare camp, our Multiactivity Camp inspires the next generation to find a new passion and develop unique skills.

Proud to offer some of the UK’s best teachers, who have an unfailing passion for sharing their skills we offer children the best experience possible on every camp.

Epic Camps | Children's Holiday Camps That Inspire