Top 10 Careers in STEM

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Our Epic Tech Camps incorporate all things tech, so we have everything to prepare your child for a successful career in STEM. All our sessions offer a hands-on learning approach, with real-world applications for a valuable career in either Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths.  Why are STEM careers important? There is a STEM skills shortage in the UK, with 89% of companies having difficulty hiring STEM-skilled […]

Have children suffered academically due to Covid-19?

Epic Camps | Children's Holiday Camps That Inspire

It has been almost 15 months since COVID-19 spread worldwide, causing the life we know to shut down completely. We often think about working from home or not visiting family at the weekends, but often forget the unthinkable toll on children.  School is just more than a place for learning, it is a place to […]

The Importance Of Technology in Education

Now more than ever, modern technology has become a huge part of our lives providing enriching experiences for both business and personal use everyday. Technology is important to a developing child, beyond just periodical use of a mobile game. It exposes them to the ‘digital language’ that runs through the veins of any career in […]